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Bruno Scappaticci - Owner Universal Building & Cement Co., Inc.

Bruno Scappaticci – Owner
Universal Building & Cement

Hello! My name is Bruno Scappaticci, the owner of Universal Building & Cement Co., Inc.  For nearly forty years I have been in the cement business doing everything from residential driveways, sidewalks and patios, to pouring foundations for buildings, waterproofing basements, chimney repair or reconstruction and more. Our company is a full service building and cement company skilled in both commercial and residential concrete projects. Make sure you take a look at our gallery page for some selected photos of projects we have completed.

When I was 19, I immigrated to Detroit, MI from a small town in Italy, called Arpino.  It was February 1972 and like many immigrants of the time, I came in search of the American Dream.  I did not speak English and earned only a high school education back in Italy, but I was very ambitious and hard working.  I came to Detroit by myself and lived and worked with relatives nearby.

In January 1974 I incorporated the business, Universal Building & Cement Co., Inc.  By this time, I had learned English and obtained my Residential Builder’s License.  I worked mainly as a Cement Contractor in South Eastern Michigan.

Being a cement contractor is hard work and running a business is even more challenging and I couldn’t do it without the support of my wife Teresa! I met Teresa in 1978 and married her in Bruno & Teresa 19801980.  She is an Italian-American who was born in New York, and raised in Dearborn, MI.  Her close relatives came from a small city in Italy very near my home.  We have been married for almost 33 years now, reside in Northville and have 3 children, Gina, Andria, and Gianni.  We even have a dog named Guido!

I always stressed education for my 3 children as I wanted a better life for them.  Andria and Gianni were always interested in the medical field.  Andria is a Nurse Practitioner and Gianni is  pursuing a Pharmacy degree.  My oldest, Gina, was a business woman from the beginning and she and her husband Antonio own Universal Marble & Tile, Inc., in Plymouth, Michigan.

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